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December 3, 2012
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You were at your place, sitting in your living room. You just came back from another hard training with your Axis comrades. You were a strong girl, yet the Germans training always made you want to lay on the couch without moving for hours. You were looking at the TV, randomly going through the programs. You weren't paying much attention to it, you were that tired. Even if Germany's training was hard and tiring, you still respected the guy, even more-you've grown feeling for him.
"He deserves some sort of gift, something that will show him I respect him and like him at the same time, Ludwig doesn't put up that easily."-you though to yourself, looking at the TV.
"What if I cook something for him, all men enjoy food…and to make it sweeter I'll bake some sweets..or a cake!"- that thought went through your mind suddenly. It sounded so good, even though you weren't such a good cook. You'll just ask your friend, Feliciano. You were close with him..he wasn't hitting on you or enthralling you like he would do with most women. He treated you like a true friend, you appreciated that.
"I'll call him next thing tomorrow!"- you thought to yourself, and turn off the TV. You already took a shower, so you were ready for bed. Going upstairs, literally dragging your legs to your room. You were so tired, they were even waggling. You almost dived into your sheets, and fell asleep after snuggling in your soft pillow.

The Next day, you awoke. Feeling fresh after the long nap, you stretched your hands and look to the window. It was a lovely morning, the sun was still rising, showing its majestic glow. You went in your bathroom, preparing for today-it was a big day today. You had to show, finally, the German man how you feel. Determined, you went downstairs, as you were brushing your (h/c) hair. You called Feliciano, he gladly accepted. He told you he'd buy the groceries, knowing you weren't that good at picking the right ones either. You were so thankful to him. Finally you heard the doorbell. You ran on your toes to the door, and opened it. Feliciano, as usual, was smiling widely at you.
"Ve~!!(y/n), I brought you some extra things just in case. We wouldn't want to make Germany disappointed."- He entered the house, Italy was well aware of your feeling for the tall German. You've told him about it.
"Feliciano, what are we baking today? I told you yesterday, I wanted something special, something sort of traditional. A cake."- you added and looked at your friend, who was nodding. You were so happy he knew how to cook/bake.
"Of course, I brought the things needed for a  'Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte'."- he said.
• Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte-Basically, that's a Black Forest Cake with cherries.
He took your hand, you blushed and giggled, holding his hand.
"To the kitchen, mio amico!"- he let himself to you, and you took him to the kitchen.
You took two aprons and gave one to Feliciano. He looked so funny with that girlish aprons, you laughed. He didn't mind. He helped you with yours.
"Let's get started then."- you almost squeaked that out. The excitement from what Germany's reaction might be was making bit your lips.
The products were in a bag, over the oven, which, of course, was still not on yet.
The recipe was a little hard, but you figured you wanted to try that out, just for Germany.. You needed 4 eggs, butter, one cup of sugar, flour, cocoa, cherries and of course some decors to make the cake more pretty. The cake needed at least 1 day to prepare, the time was worth it, you thought.
So you and your friend started baking, of course, you had fun. The cake was hard to prepare for you, but you had Italy helping you, who was good at cooking. You had to preheat the oven firstly, so when the cake was done, you put it in. By that time, you were preparing doing the syrup, yes the cake needs syrup too. It was easy to make so Feliciano let you do it by yourself, you needed only about 2 cups cold water ¾ cups of sugar and  5 spoons of Kirsch. You were done with it in no time. The cake was baked too, so all you had to do was add the cream , syrup and the decors. Feliciano, was only giving you instructions, behind you. You were almost done, all you needed now, was to add the decors and the cherries.
The decors were little red sugared shaped hearts. They seemed tasty to you. Then, putting the cherries the cake had a finished touch.
You were finally done with it, all you had to do now, was wait until it's completely ready.
"Ve~, (y/n) Fantastico!!! I'm sure Germany will like it."- he patted your small shoulders, which make you smile really wide.
"Do you really think so? We'll find out tomorrow."- you nodded and blushed.
"Hey, will you go to his house and give it to him, or while we train?"- he thought.
"Don't be silly, Feliciano! Of course I'll go to his house. I visit him almost every Sunday."- it was Sunday tomorrow, which was even more perfect, Italy smiled and nodded.
"Alright, I'll be going now! Let me know what he thought of it, you did a magnifico job!"- he said and grabbed his things, leaving the apron on one of the kitchens chair.
You send off your Italian friend, properly. When you closed the door, you went and cleaned your kitchen, it was all messy from all the hard effort you two put in that cake. You felt tired after all this, and went upstairs to your room, of course after a nice warm bath.
"What if Germany doesn't like it? What if it tastes horrible? I want him to see what I feel for him, I'm sure he'll appreciate at least that, wouldn't he?"- you were going through such a dilemma, but you managed to fall asleep.
The next morning, you woke up. Today was the day. Quickly, you prepared for the day, and went downstairs to the kitchen, you opened the fridges door and gazed upon the cake. It looked so beautiful, no way Germany wouldn't like it, right?
You prepared some breakfast for yourself, some eggs were left from yesterday. It was almost 10 a.m. the usual time you go to Lugwig's house. You wanted to look pretty too, so you did your hair, and put on some pretty white dress, you didn't want to look to formal..the dress was some everyday dress. Though you still looked pretty. You put the cake into a box, took a breath and went out. You were in front of his house, you knocked on the door and the tall German opened the door. He smiled slightly looking at you, and noticed how lovely you looked.
"Ah, (y/n) finally came! You're a little late."- he raised his eyebrow.
"I'm sorry, I had to do some things..and this."- you showed him the box the cake was in. He looked at it and blushed.
"Is zat for me?"- he gave you a loving look and let you in.
"Of course it is."- you nodded and went in, putting the box on the kitchens table. Germany was right behind you, you looked up at him, he was looking as gorgeous as ever. His blue eyes were concentrated on the box. You punched him lightly.
"Well come on, open it! It's for you."- you smiled.
"Danke. Zis is so kind of you, (y/n)." – he couldn't help it, he quickly opened it and saw the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte cake. He looked at it and smirked. He knew how much time this cake needed to be prepared.
"So..zis is just for me?"-he looked at you, still smirking.
"Mhm, I made it for you, Ludwig!"- you blushed and wondered what that man was thinking.
"Such a big cake isn't made for just ein person, don't you agree? Let's cut it and eat it together!"- he looked and you as if you weren't even asking, you nodded so he took a kitchen knife and cut the cake into peaces. You sat down, your heart was beating so hard, you could almost hear it. The German sat down next to you, and gave you a fork. You thank him and waited for his reaction, he took the first bite and looked at you. His cheeks were red.
"Wunderbar….just wunderbar!!"- he continued to eat.
"R-really? You like it?"- you blushed and look at him, your heart filling with excitement.
"I vasn't talking only of ze cake, Fräulein."- he smiled, oh those wonderful blue eyes of his met yours. He meant you too, you couldn't believe it. You took the fork and tasted the cake, blushing. It was indeed tasty. The two sugared hearts were in his plate.
"Hey, those are the special ones..try them!"-you smiled and looked at the hearts.
"You take ein too, it's not just for me."- Ludwig said.
You did as he said, you put the heart in your mouth and munched it, it was so tasty. Germany smirked and closed his face to yours, he ate half of the heart. He took it greedily. You blushed so hard, you felt your cheeks almost burned.
"G-Germany…"- you moaned that out. He closed his lips to yours, lightly kissing them. His lips were soft and warm, still having the taste of the cake. Such a sweet kiss he gave you, when he pulled back he licked his lips.
"Now zat's something tastier even zan your cake.."- the German said.
:D Voila, the cake idea is finished.
I wanted to write something sweet instead of dirty, as I usually do. Doitsu can be gentle too c;

So, here's the recipe for the cake: [link]
I actually decided to try and cook it too >w< it looks so yummy.
Anywho, I hope you like it...I was giggling the whole time I was writing it.
Pardon my italian skills, I know none.xD
I hope you enjoy reading this. c;
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JustAnotherBlackCa Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
Err, hi :)
I just wanted to tell you that this was a nice and well written fan fiction.
There are just one or two things which bother me a bit, since I already baked the cake once (guess where I am from^^) and I was wondering if you meant 'Kirschwasser' (transl.: cherry water) with Kirsch. it is put on the middle of the single layers of chocolate cake :) The second thing is, with Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte cake, you actually said Black Forest cherry gateau cake. It's kind of irritating, but never mind.
I hope I didn't offend you or something^^'

Mira-chii Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
uugh thank you so much ;w; I'm glad you enjoyed it
I'm not so sure anymore, I don't remembr. xD But I remember I was looking for typical german cakes, that's what I found. 
Regardless, forgive me if I have offended your culture. 
No, not at all. Honestly, I'd love to know more about Germany. Such a lovely country <3
Anyway, thanks for the comment
JustAnotherBlackCa Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
You're welcome :)
Well... it is a typical German cake XD
And I can assure you it's delicious~ (Sorry for any mistakes by the way^^')
You haven't offended my culture at all! I was just trying to give you a good advice and if you have questions about Germany don't hesitate to ask me^^
Bye then~
Mira-chii Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd love to ;w; I've always enjoyed the company of you guys(is it weird all my german mates are super nice? xD)
Aaha~ Now I want to taste it
JustAnotherBlackCa Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
Woah, does that mean you have a lot of German friends? That's rather interesting! Are you American or...?
And if all of them are super nice than you're definitely a lucky one, though of course I know rather mean Germans XD
Sorry^^' I have an awesome (Hello Prussia -_-) recipe here, though it's in German of course^^"
Mira-chii Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No, I'm Bulgarian ^_^
well, so far I've met only nice ones hehe
xD you, I like you.
JustAnotherBlackCa Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
Ooooh! That's aw-GREAT I meant to say great ^_^ I never talked to a Bulgarian person, I guessed you were American because most of the people here are, sorry^^'
Oh my, thank you! :D I'm flattered~
smoshturtle Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
*blushies* tastier than cake da~
Mira-chii Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Germany: Ja, you are.
smoshturtle Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
........*blushies*kisses him*
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